Graphic Designer Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Graphic Designer in Durham:
"Be Flexible."
In the working world it is extremely important to be able to change and adapt at a moments notice to the needs of the client.

Graphic Designer in Manteca:
"Not Fair Market Value Compensation."
As a new Graphic Designer employee, you will be paid under market value.

Graphic Designer in Boston:
"Advise from long-time experience at one job."
Keep organized and focus on the details. Try to make your project the best it can be even if the customer isn't fussy. Customers appreciate the extra effort and you making suggestions about how their project can be improved. Learn to multi-task but be able to realize when you need to concentrate on one think more than the other. Always double check your final product.

Graphic Designer in Mountain View:
"Learn to know early on who can help you."
Learn as much as you can and be a forward thinker.

Graphic Designer in Gas City:
"Start In College."
Many employers expect experience to get a job. Especially in the design world. Graphic designers are on every top ten of the worst paying jobs you need a degree to get. The best thing you can do is to become an intern during college and even get some freelance under your belt to boost your portfolio.

Graphic Designer in Denver:
School is good to learn skills such as adobe creative suite.

Graphic Designer in Chicago:
"Web experience."
Knowledge and experience with web design is crucial in the newer market.