Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Melbourne:
"Hi I am a graphic designer I know path, retouching, some etc."
Pros: Path, retouching, colour correction. Masking, image manupulation, some other Photoshop works.

Graphic Designer in San Francisco:
"Graphic Designer - Peek Kids - Salary Review."
Pros: Taking a project from concept to finished product. Ideation.
Cons: Micromanaged and not enough help. Not enough time for concepting and being creative.

Graphic Designer in Amman:
"Means I am a creativity man , and can draw the world in a de."
Pros: That I can design what ever I want in my way without being limited hands.
Cons: Its taks to long to finish your Awesome design.

Graphic Designer in Oklahoma City:
Pros: I get to do what I went to school for.
Cons: The pay and location.

Graphic Designer in Rapid City:
"Graphic Design - Signs Now."
Pros: Creative Design, Work Flexibility, Family Atmosphere.
Cons: Fixing other peoples mistakes.

Graphic Designer in Indianapolis:
"Learn more than just graphic design."
To be a real asset to a company and not just a photoshop monkey, obtain a certification or minor in Business or Marketing. This will help qualify you for more senior level jobs that would other wise be closed off to you because you just got an art degree. 9 times out of 10 the designer is the smartest person in the room, but are often overlooked because of there job qualifications. Many think that graphic designers should also start learning web development and coding. I think it is helpful to have a basic understanding of HTML5 and CSS, and certainly be able to use a content management system. Basic Web Design.... But beyond that you are venturing into a more advanced field of coding that now must be concerned with data bases, security, web development. Let the experts in those fields handle that.

Graphic Designer in Riverside:
"Portfolio is key."
Have a degree and great portfolio.