Groundskeeper Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Groundskeeper?

Groundskeeper in The Dalles:
"Small Town. Small Pay."
Pros: Close to home. Friendly people. Community involvement.

Groundskeeper in Branson:
Pros: all the perks
Cons: too much local poverty

Groundskeeper in Philadelphia:
"Some bad some good."
Pros: Covienece septa close to home good housing.
Cons: Racism lack of proper pay cost of living high soda tax.

Groundskeeper in Jacksonville:
"Look for the best pay in the USA and move."
Groundskeeper is a skilled job that Golf Course managers need all the time. Look for the best pay for this skill in the USA and move there. Private Clubs don't like to pay well for this but our skills are essential. Look for your own pay increase.