HVAC Installer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Installer?

HVAC Installer in Houston:
"It’s hot."
Pros: Employers in Houston work with one needs.
Cons: During the summertime it gets too hot.

HVAC Installer in Granby:
"Good work, bad relationship."
Pros: I like the work that the job entails.
Cons: The people training me seem to lack leadership and are disgruntled. Not moving up as expected. And no benefits.

HVAC Installer in Maryland:
"Love what I do but its hard on the body."
Pros: I like the challenge of making everything come together and look nice and knowing I contributed to helping a family stay cool and warm for years to come.
Cons: I dont like that the workers input doesnt mean anything for real change. Upper management dont really listen. The pay isnt worth how much you have to do and put up with.