HVAC Technician Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

HVAC Technician in Howell:
"Always give your best."
Go back to school. This field has very few rewards and you top out at 25-30 dollars an hour. If you are going to be a technician Learn the sequence of events. What gets power first and second and so on. That way you can trace out what is not working. If you know the events that happen when a system starts up and it only gets to say the inducer motor then you know that this is a job for someone else. Call up another service guy and tell him god broke this system and pay him to come fix it and charge the customer triple and laugh all the way home while the other service person jerks you off .This will help when troubleshooting and you may actually make money.

HVAC Technician in Phoenix:
Honesty breeds confidence, use this be better yourself.

HVAC Technician in Port Jefferson:
"That they paid time and a half for overtime not straight tim."
Check with everthing you're employer provides before starting work.

HVAC Technician in Somerville:
"Seasonal Hrs."
Summer and winter months your work week will be 40-65 hrs a week and between those seasons your hrs can be as low as 20hrs a week.

HVAC Technician in Salt Lake City:
"HVAC Technician."
Go to school and get good training and then use that to your advantage to build upon after getting employment. Also know that it is an ever learning process with plenty of tech support in the field.

HVAC Technician in San Diego:
"Summary Of Day To Day."
Daily basis duties include plant check, check rooms, fix problems if found during check, change filters, checking electrical components on machines then troubleshooting and fixing.