Head Chef Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Head Chef?

Head Chef in Downingtown:
"Convenient close to home."
Pros: The people
Cons: Traffic

Head Chef in New York:
"The coffee shop chef biography."
Pros: I love the city and it's diversity
Cons: The dirty streets

Head Chef in Kissimmee:
Pros: Good opportunity
Cons: Close minded

Head Chef in Houston:
"Fast paced and stessful but very satisfying."
Pros: The smile on peoples faces when they taste the food.
Cons: Lots of hours.

Head Chef in Upland:
"Its ok."
Pros: I like some of the people I work with. I like that I'm in charge and nobody really bothers me too much, they just let me get my work done. And I have an amazing assistant.
Cons: It's a far drive from home. I don't like how the other supervisors here treat me. And I wish I made a lite more money here.

Head Chef in Tuxedo Park:
"The unscheduled extra time you need to get the job finished."
Stay focused on making good food and being sanitary. Enjoy your time and always stay creative.