Heavy Equipment Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Heavy Equipment Operator?

Heavy Equipment Operator in Boston:
Pros: Fast pace. Always doing a different project. Enjoy seeing things constructed.
Cons: Commute. Long hours. Sometimes stressful.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Lephalale:
Pros: To supply power statioin with coal.
Cons: Injury or death.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Cincinatti:
"How to operate a af10 drill rig."
Don't be in a hurry if your are operating some heavy equipment that you're not confident in your skill level. Be careful. Accidents can and do happen. Be safe. Life is fragile.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Onaway:
"How much it paid."
Learn something everyday that helps you be a little faster... Grease daily, take care of equipment!

Heavy Equipment Operator in Ohio:
"Exciting, Something new everyday."
Pros: Independence, and continually learning something new.
Cons: Operating equipment in the rain, snow, or on Ice in the cold weather.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Tampa:
"Never in one place to long."
Pros: Working in different locations.
Cons: Low pay.

Heavy Equipment Operator in Colorado Springs:
"Go home with all your body parts and co workers."
Always keep your equipment serviced and clean. It is your tool. If you loose your tools, you can't do your job. BE SAFE ALWAYS! When operating equipment it is the coworkers that at most risk for injury. You don't want to do that, DO you?