High School Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a High School Teacher?

High School Teacher in Whitehouse:
Pros: Colleagues are supportive and professional.
Cons: Discipline and communication from administrators.

High School Teacher in Philadelphia:
"Rewarding but tiring."
Pros: Everyday is different and there is always something to learn from students, empathetic and fun coworkers.
Cons: Students not taking responsibility for their actions, state testing.

High School Teacher in San Diego:
"Wonderful experience."
Pros: Cooperative staff, mostly motivated students.
Cons: Curricular constraints and stress (both on part of teachers and students) due to standard testing priorities, administrative hassles.

High School Teacher in Jackson:
Pros: I grew up here, so I know people. Restaurants and shopping are great.
Cons: Most of the families that attend this school are very affluent and think they can buy their way through their child's education. This makes my job very difficult as I have to please them all the time, instead of just teach and coach how I want to teach and coach.

High School Teacher in Beeville:
"Very good! Supportive community and administration."
Pros: Mentoring support from my colleagues and administrative staff. Students are awesome and the environment is fabulous.
Cons: Building needs upgrades and our computer system could be faster.

High School Teacher in New York:
"It is very interesting because we interact freely in class."
Pros: Environment and brilliant students and also scholarships and award.
Cons: Their paymen.

High School Teacher in Seattle:
"Teaching is craft."
Treat teaching as a continual process of perfecting a craft.