High School Teacher Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

High School Teacher in New Britain:
"Everything you learned in college will be outdated in 5 year."
Love change. It is your new lifestyle. Fads will come and go quickly that you will never have a chance to see whether it will help your students or not.

High School Teacher in Tucson:
"Marry rich."
Don't expect any raises that are even equivalent to inflation. Enjoy your time off.

High School Teacher in Sydney:
Learning a new skill and sport if u like. Maths skill and communication skill.

High School Teacher in Santa Maria:
"Politics involved."
Learn teamwork and organizational skills. Keep up with technology. Keep your enthusiasm and sense of humor and appreciate your job.

High School Teacher in Phoenix:
"Don't do what you love."
Do something else, not education.

High School Teacher in Fresno:
Make sure you have a passion for helping children learn. You must also have a tolerance for working with people who have different views than your own. Everyone you work with will not be as a passionate about their job as you are. This is where the frustration and stress begins. Sometimes, you may feel that your colleagues are undermining you. You have to have a positive way to vent. Please do not take the complaints home with you.

High School Teacher in Fullerton:
"Teaching Is Not a Job, It's a Lifestyle."
Don't make the job your whole life. You don't get paid enough to be on call to students and parents on the weekends or when you are away on vacation. DO NOT take a job in Catholic school.