High School Teacher Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

High School Teacher in Harrisburg:
"Teacher In Middle America."
Education is a good field but be prepared to face many tough challenges especially at the secondary level. If it is not student malaise, it is lack of parent involvement, administration who fail to back you and a department of education that seems to be making it up as you go along. All the while you are left in the trenches to teach the students. Keep your head up. It is rewarding if you can reach just one student.

High School Teacher in Mayville:
If you are a math of science major forget education.

High School Teacher in Pittsburgh:
"It is a wonderful life."
Be prepared and remain dedicated to the profession.

High School Teacher in Seattle:
"Great high school science teachers."
Be patient and collaborate and take risks.

High School Teacher in Pompton Plains:
"Post Doctoral Rotations."
When you start out find a position in a famous lab with a named principle investigator(s). You need to have access to a lab that is both well funded and where something is happening. Commonly that will lend itself to your getting your name on a few more important research papers. Finally, that will lay the ground work for "opening doors", where your principle investigator will provide assistance to getting you that next post-doctoral position, or perhaps an appointment to a tenure track job in academia, or a good paying job in the private sector.

High School Teacher in Sherman:
"Lay Low."
Learn first before offering unwanted advice. It takes at least 3 years to understand your school culture and district politics.

High School Teacher in Tallahassee:
"Want to teach? Sure about that? Not a good plan....."
If you actually posess the skills to be worthy of going into teaching, go use them somewhere else and get paid what you are truly worth. Education does not value skills set that produce true results. They want teachers to do assembly line work----produce students capabale of passing tests that make their data look good. Forget having a job more than 196 days at a time, forget a career path, forget promotions, forget producing students with marketable skills sets in a 1st world nation, forget performance pay, forget bonuses for excellence, forget pay raises, forget COLA's, forget salay increases, forget compensation for required industry certifications, forget reimbursment for mandated continuing education, forget salary supplements, forget matching 401K funds, , forget stock options, forget retirement, forget respect, in fact forget your own diginity. Forget EVERYTHING you EVER thought about education. The system wants you dead, buried, and the earth salted where you lay broken.