High School Teacher Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

High School Teacher in Tucson:
"Marry rich."
Don't expect any raises that are even equivalent to inflation. Enjoy your time off.

High School Teacher in Sydney:
Learning a new skill and sport if u like. Maths skill and communication skill.

High School Teacher in Santa Maria:
"Politics involved."
Learn teamwork and organizational skills. Keep up with technology. Keep your enthusiasm and sense of humor and appreciate your job.

High School Teacher in Phoenix:
"Don't do what you love."
Do something else, not education.

High School Teacher in Logan:
"Making differences in kids lives."
Pros: I love teaching my students, getting to know them, and feeling like I make a difference in their lives.
Cons: I hate the government regulations. The RESA that I had to complete for the state department of education was a total joke and waste of my time.

High School Teacher in Santa Monica:
Pros: Great boss/co-workers. Great, motivated students of various backgrounds. Pedagogical freedom. Warm community. Lots of prep time.
Cons: The commute. Requires a lot of extra participation. Sometimes need to finish work from home.

High School Teacher in Fresno:
Make sure you have a passion for helping children learn. You must also have a tolerance for working with people who have different views than your own. Everyone you work with will not be as a passionate about their job as you are. This is where the frustration and stress begins. Sometimes, you may feel that your colleagues are undermining you. You have to have a positive way to vent. Please do not take the complaints home with you.