Housekeeping Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Housekeeping Supervisor?

Housekeeping Supervisor in Dayton:
"What happens when skeletons fall out of the closet?"
Pros: I work at the school I was previously enrolled in. It gave me satisfaction to be able to give back. I was well trained and felt supported by my superiors and subordinates.
Cons: I used to really enjoy my job. It helped me through a rough time in my life. Over the course of 2 years, I've noticed how much the employees and lower management are taken advantage of by our account manager. After some recent situations, I spoke to a higher level manager and found many discrepancies regarding what we had been led to believe. If you can't trust your head manager to give you correct information or proper training, how long until one gives up?

Housekeeping Supervisor in San Antonio:
Pros: Enjoy keeping areas clean and in a professional manner to ensure areas are in a good living condition for the elderly.
Cons: Dealing with my manager to ensure we have the cleaning items needed to do our jobs.

Housekeeping Supervisor in Seattle:
"How your role effects the general flow of our day-to-day."
You're the one who straightens everything up. I give myself a time limit for each room that I inspect (for a hotel) so I can easily plan my day. In the time you have where you're not inspecting rooms, that's when you fulfill all of your other tasks like tracking statistics and performance. Understand what each subordinate's job role entails so that you know how and when you need to take action if they're not being fulfilled.

Housekeeping Supervisor in Virginia Beach:
Ability to communicate via email phone or on person. Ability to operate machinery. Ability to work as team. Ability to discipline policy violators. Ability to work under pressure. Ability to demonstrate analytical skills As well as critical thinking skills.

Housekeeping Supervisor in Frankfort:
"I enjoy it."
Pros: The people I work with and I love cleaning.
Cons: Bloody messes are the worst thing.

Housekeeping Supervisor in Pensacola:
Pros: Affecting the health and well being of the student body on campus.
Cons: Rude customers. Demands. Funky hours.

Housekeeping Supervisor in Vero Beach:
"Never boring, always on the go."
Pros: Making costomers happy😃
Cons: Dealing with drug users and thieves.