Human Resources (HR) Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Assistant?

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Newton:
"HR Assistant."
Pros: Flexibility, environment.
Cons: Pay.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Waltham:
"Fast paced work environment reporting to numerous people."
Pros: The interactions with my coworkers.
Cons: Dealing with store managers.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Dayton:
"Love My Knew Job."
Pros: The thing I like most about my Knew job is knowing that I can learn more than operating machines. My Favorite part of some of many things I do is Reading results of background checks, and giving new hires orientation. I am truly a people person.
Cons: I do not type well and do not like it or enjoy it. However when I first started I was only using one finger.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Jenks:
"Hiring, recruiting, attendance, affirmative action plan, pay."
Make them pay you for what you do.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Fort Lauderdale:
Pros: The hours. My boss and co-workers.
Cons: The overwhelming work load. And no lunch breaks.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Hartford:
"The best job ever!"
Pros: I enjoy providing our employees with a general awareness of all offered insurance plans. I also like that my position is multi-faceted and that I can be working on several projects simultaneously.
Cons: I do not like that no overtime is offered.

Human Resources (HR) Assistant in Columbus:
"Flexible hours."
Pros: I used to like the atmosphere but having trouble finding the joy at current location still due to caddy girls. I don't like getting personally involved.
Cons: I dislike the politics and how things only apply to certain people in the company.