Human Resources (HR) Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Director in Napa:
"That it would be a lot like an elementary school teacher."
Document, document, document!

Human Resources (HR) Director in Colorado Springs:
"How the company structure was set up."
Listen to your team. Make sure everyone is in the right position though open discussions, and personality testing.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Houston:
Get certified by HRCI and SHRM and keep it active.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Riverside:
"Tell everyone what your goals are."
Always serve people with an honest heart and maintain a positive rapport with everyone you come into contact with.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Urbana:
"How quickly things would change."
Be willing to ask questions.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Dallas:
"There is Never a Dull Moment."
Never say, "That isn't my job." You learn so much from speaking day-to-day with employees and managers, more than anything you will learn sitting in your office all day. Trust, but verify. You usually get half of the story so always speak with everyone before making a decision. Take notes often. Calls or conversations you have now may not seem important, but may mean everything 6 months from now. Write down the date and time of calls. You will never be bored! Every day is different and interesting. It is very important to get your PHR and/or your SHRM-CP. The tests put you in actual situations that you will incur every day.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Lake Charles:
"The real world is much different than described in textbooks."
Look at all situations the way a neutral, third party would. Look for ways to be a peacemaker within the organization. Understand that HR advises those that own the decision to be made. Align yourself with power but do not cross the line and make the actual decision.