Human Resources (HR) Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Director in Roanoke:
"How challenging and wonderful it really is."
Stay on top of current market trends and changing laws.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Tulsa:
"Job requirements."
Do your research as it relates to salary equity.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Toledo:
"The business."
Know the business, from sales, marketing to production. Grown to understand the dynamics of each team. Never stop learning. Just because some companies do not value their H. R. Dept., does not mean you are not critical to the success of your company.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Laurel:
"Human Resources Director."
Advocate for both employees and protect your company from litigation.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Atlanta:
"If you know early own it is not a good fit, trust yourself."
Learn the business you're working in. Get out of your office frequently, communicate effectively across ALL levels of the organization.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Durham:
"Harder than I thought."
Surround yourself with a great team.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Bethesda:
"Employee programs that were non-existent."
Find out in detail what programs the company has in place for employee development (i.e. Onboarding, career path, education and training). Do they have a compensation plan in place and if so, do they have a formal job classification and salary range program? What salary surveys are used (e.g. Towers Watson, Mercer, PayScale)? Do they have a formal performance management program and how does it work (i.e. Is it merit or merit and length of service, etc? Do they have a budget for HR programs? Who prepares it and what criteria is used? How much autonomy would you be given to bring in needed programs for employees and how long would approval take?