Human Resources (HR) Director Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Director in Santa Fe:
"The Name Of The School You Graduate From Matters."
Must be organized, caring, capable, have excellent writing skills, language skills, be able to multitask and work well under stress.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Ventura:
Work hard and also keep up to date on all compliance issues in california.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Chicago:
"Be A Guide Not A Miracle Maker."
Strive to understand the business and industry you are in as well as you understand HR. Delegate effectively, let go and be comfortable allowing calculated mistakes so that staff can learn. Don't be a micro manager, develop your team and plan for succession for short, mediun and long term scenarios. Be an active listener. Don't take on solving employee issues, guide and coach employees to help and empower them to resolve. Don't avoid or delay difficult decisions, conversations or actions. Be honest and candid, don't sugar coat difficult feedback. It is helpful when having difficult discussion to let the indiviudal know your approach is to be honest and candid. Ask they are open to hearing feedback they might not like. Your team's productivity and effectiveness is a direct reflect of your ability to lead. Accept responsibility for their performance and focus on their development, engagement and listen.

Human Resources (HR) Director in Philadelphia:
"Need A Good Personality To Deal With People."
This profession continues to change and evolve but you need to understand the business side to align as a strategic business partner for the human capital needs for the business to be successful.

Human Resources (HR) Director in New York:
"Learning Never Ends!"
Read all you can. Learn about people management skills and organizational development. Learn to be a leader in your area and do not relegate your job to solely supporting your company -- be a mover and leader in the direction it is going.