Human Resources (HR) Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Overland Park:
"Great Place."
Pace yourself. Everyday is a new day.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Tybee Island:
"Time needed."
Think of the amount of time you are willing to invest in your work. Factors include family versus single life.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Tybee Island:
"The amount of time it really takes to get the job done right."
Think hard about the amount of time you can actually dedicate to the job. Factors include family or single living.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Dallas:
"Family owned and run businesses are very challenging."
Connect with the employees. Develop a heart for the company for which you work and a passion for the employees.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Palm Beach Gardens:
"For HR be willing and able to intern."
If you do what is right legally and for the people you will be alright.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Vernon:
"Culture of the work place."
Keep a positive attitude for everything you do, understand that a happy employee produces more, every employee wants to be heard.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in St. Paul:
"HR Manager Advice 101."
Work hard to start building relationships from day one, do not put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today, be prepared to deal with some challenging personalities from the managers you provide HR support to, keep working on increasing your knowledge via webinars, classes, etc. - many of these are offered at no or limited charge and help you to become more of an asset to your organization and gain credibility. Most important of all: HAVE FUN!