Human Resources (HR) Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Union City:
"Learning something new every day."
It takes a special type of caring for your employees and management team.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Orange:
"Responsibility, Leadership, Excellent communicator, controls."
My advice as an experience HR is to take control of the situation, show leadership, excellent communicator. These two factors are important as an HR professional. This will help excel in all areas of human resources.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in St. Paul:
"Too much work."
Make sure you are organized and keep updated on the various laws as they change often.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in nelspruit:
"Stress Factors."
Be curious and read as wide as possible.Pay attention to soft skills.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Mthatha:
"Work hard."
Work hard and be able to see the new year of the hr manager.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Buckeye:
"Be consistent, predictable, and strategic."
Be an advocate for your employer and mitigate risk for your company. Show yourself to be a strategic business partner.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in San Diego:
"Be thirsty and flaunt it."
Leadership often undervalues HR, but your drive, knowledge of HR's impact on bottom line, and ability to demonstrate both will determine your success. Align your department initiatives with company initiatives and keep as many metrics as possible to demonstrate HR's impact. Empower your team and don't allow the HR shadow to follow you.