Human Resources (HR) Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Houston:
"How intense this job was."
Do your homework and be prepared to be challenged.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in North Walpole:
"Human Resources encompasses everything within the organizati."
It is critical to realize that every aspect of the organization requires some form of Human Resources Management. Whether it is the selection and hiring process, employee training, employee benefits and compensation, handling difficult individuals and circumstances, through counseling and terminations; HR wears a very broad hat and the best HR Managers recognize this without getting bogged down in the mud - they stay on top of their industry and their HR skills/knowledge.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in San Diego:
"Leave Work At Work."
HR can be very rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating. As an HR professional, it is important to find the balance between being the employer's business partner and being an advocate for the employees. When an HR professional leans too far on either side, it comes with consequences.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Green Bay:
"Workplace Politics."
Find a way to learn about workplace politics! Read up on it using books, online articles, etc. Talk to people older than yourself to learn about this. This may be the #1 thing that makes or breaks your success in the long run.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Longview:
"There are no "standard" answers."
HR is a nebulous thing. While you have the concrete, black & white well-defined policies and procedures, you are applying those concrete things to multi-faceted human beings with individual perspectives, desires, motivations, and opinions. The solution that worked so incredibly for Joe may not work for John, and you've got to be comfortable and ENERGIZED by that.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Philippines:
"Learn more about the job you are applying for."
Be more of a people person. Technical aspects can be learned but people skills must be innate in you.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Memphis:
"Get your Master's degree early."
A Masters degree opens doors.