Human Resources (HR) Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Doylestown:
"You have to pave your own way!"
I took an entry level recruiting job over 8 years ago and kept asking for more responsibility. I carved out my own role as a human resources coordinator. I then grew into the HR Manager for a small firm (25 employees). I then began to search for my next step. I found my employer and challenged my self to make positive change in a much bigger environment (1500+ employees), In under 4 years we have dramatically changed the culture of HR and have become that resource for our employees to find answers and seek assistance as needed. Basically what I am saying is you need to pave your own path in your career and never be complacent.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Memphis:
"Lead in a way that captures your teams' hearts."
Lead in a way that captures your teams' hearts. Your team is looking for a reason to follow you so give them your positive face all the time and help them understand where you want the team to go.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Bellevue:
"HR Professional Advice."
Listen to your line managers to find out what their goals and challenges are, before offering advice and counsel. Make sure you understand the bigger picture of the business you are supporting. Build trust with line managers by adding value to their business if you expect them to listen to you and take your advice. Join a professional association to learn everything you can about the profession, build a network of support, and stay on top of changes to laws and regulations. Maintain a sense of humor. Be patient with people.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Las Vegas:
"Experienced Human Resource Manager."
Human Resource position requires constant education and research for changing and new employment laws. Must have the ability to listen be fair and consistent while upholding policies and laws.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Lawrenceville:
"Stress Level."
Have passion for the Human Resources field, you will be more effective in developing the most important assets of a company.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in San Francisco:
"Know the People, Not just the Resource."
Take time to truly know your people. Get to know what motivates them, their background and theirs strengths/areas of opportunities.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Los Angeles:
"Making the Workplace a better Place."
Find the organization's "pain point" and cure it.