Information Technology (IT) Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Information Technology (IT) Director?

Information Technology (IT) Director in Austin:
"It's been great."
Pros: Friendly people, convenient location.
Cons: The traffic, the heat, the commute time.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Edinburg:
"Constant change and budget constraints."
Do what you do that got you to the point of being a director, that is leverage your technical experience, leadership skills, mentoring skills. Subordinate staff expect leadership to have the background and experience so keep up with technology and provide a good working environment that promotes a positive attitude.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Dallas:
"Education Matters."
Education on leadership, project management and finance are as valuable as technical knowledge.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Sierra Vista:
"Don't be cheap."
Don't try to pinch pennies to impress your new boss. It will come back to bite you. Instead, be frugal, shop smart, there is much value in quality and convenience.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Omaha:
Pros: Great Technology, easy commute, hard working people, cost of living, easy airport, great food, great college.
Cons: No pro sports teams. Need more highways.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Longview:
Pros: Small town feel.
Cons: Non-progressive mentality, many impoverished people unable/unwilling to work.

Information Technology (IT) Director in Rocky Mount:
"Cost of Living."
Pros: Renting is affordable compared to neighboring states in the north. Moving from Maryland, our monthly rent went down by more than half.
Cons: Working in an area where the cost of living is low, the salary is also low compared to the neighboring states in the north.