Information Technology (IT) Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Information Technology (IT) Manager in New York:
"Ask questions."
You have three jobs: the job you are paid to do, constantly surveying the field, and predicting what you will need to be doing in 3 years.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Buzzards Bay:
"Negotiations are key."
When you are negotiating a job, it is critical to negotiate the salary as best you can. If you take low paying jobs, it is an easy way to remain underpaid. Don't be afraid to look for new jobs all the time, and go for any opportunities you think may be better for you.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Houston:
"Progressive IT Department with cutting edge technology."
Be prepared for a stress free position, where you control your day. You do have occasional meetings, but typically not back to back. You will have free reign as to what you do and how you do it.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in San Juan:
"Don't get stuck in Government and it's nonsense policies."
If you care more about delivering quality software products than office, organizational and government politics with a consciousness for a separate IT budget the stay away from a government organization.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in St. Petersburg:
"Good leaders can follow too."
Seek to understand and solve important problems. Remain visible.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Charlotte:
"Be Yourself and Be Creative."
If work is not a challenge, it's not worth it. Stay positive. Invest in yourself and others. Be kind.

Information Technology (IT) Manager in Bothell:
"Work hard, learn everything you can!"
Education is key to getting a job, but really knowing your stuff is how you keep it.