Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Jacksonville:
"I wish I knew what I was exactly doing."

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Winston-Salem:
"I've already come this far."
The field is shrinking, network security is probably a better bet. As I was entering the field, I could already see the signs that companies are doing away with in-house technical professionals in favor of using a technical service that would serve remotely. I have not seen a company where this model does well, but that is the current trend. Network Security is a better bet right now and, although my latest associate degree is in networking technologies, I am taking the rougher road and trying to stick to information technology support specialist. Good luck, you'll need it.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Burlington:
"Passionately earned experience far outweighs any degree you."
Test yourself against everything that interests you in IT. Finding the path that fulfills you most comes easier when you know where you don't want to go. IT is so widely diversified these days, and having a Swiss Army knife set of skills will open opportunities that were not present 10 years ago.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Ventura:
"Be ready for change."
The nature of IT is constantly changing. Be flexible and willing to perform tasks to assist customers so they are able to use systems in place to accomplish their duties. Be willing to constantly learn and take new technology as a challenge not a burden.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Petoskey:
"College Doesn't Guarantee A High Paid Job, Only Debt."
Don't expect to get a high paying job in the computer science field. It just puts you in permanent financial ruins with no way to pay it back.

Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist in Kingwood:
"The Low Pay Scale."
Do your research on median income for the job you are applying for and the for the area you are in for that job.