Instructional Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Instructional Designer?

Instructional Designer in Los Angeles:
Pros: Lifestyle people expertise.
Cons: Nothing.

Instructional Designer in Los Angeles:
"City Culture and Opportunities."
Pros: There are lots of great career opportunities.
Cons: The commute to work is extremely frustrating.

Instructional Designer in San Francisco:
"City with Many Chances."
Pros: I love how fast moving San Francisco is. People you meet are go getters, and are interested in advancing. The city is also very walkable and the weather is usually really temperate.
Cons: The cost of everything! This is such an expensive city. I am lucky that I only pay $1200/month in rent, but most of my friends pay over $3,000 for a one bedroom or studio!

Instructional Designer in Orlando:
"It's Florida."
Pros: There's some good food to be had.
Cons: It's so hot and the bugs are the size of hamsters.

Instructional Designer in Virginia Beach:
"Front end analysis."
Know your content as it is and be able to articulate through design what is will be.

Instructional Designer in Providence:
Pros: Autonomy, flexibility.
Cons: Lack of direction, politics.

Instructional Designer in Dallas:
Cons: I'm not getting paid enough compared to the market. I feel very underpaid.