Internal Auditor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Internal Auditor?

Internal Auditor in Corona, California:
"Great place to work."
Pros: The commute to my home is fantastic!
Cons: Sometimes the traffic can be terrible.

Internal Auditor in Branchville, New Jersey:
"Small Town, Good Company."
Pros: I like the rural commute and the fact that it is not in a major city.
Cons: There are no other jobs nearby without relocating to a city

Internal Auditor in Maseru:
"Working in Maseru."
Pros: All the decision making personnel are based in Maseru... There are systems of internal controls...the personnel is more educated than the ones in other Districts.
Cons: Working in Maseru is a bit demanding and the cost of living is too high. Competition is also tight, one cannot easily move between jobs...

Internal Auditor in Eden Prairie:
"Internal Auditing."
Pros: Great opportunity for working in the automotive parts manufacturing facility.. Nice group of people who collectively work towards a common goal. This company has a solid history of success in the industry.
Cons: The computer systems are outdated. The culture seems mismanaged, but this company is on the right track for success.

Internal Auditor in Edinburg:
"Making life easier as a probation officer."
Work as hard as you can. Everyone can be reached, even those with the most emotional scars. We can't control the judiciary and their decisions. Don't take it personally, most of the time politics is at play and it really has nothing to do with you as an officer. We all make mistakes and that's Okay. Don't let one mistake derail your entire outlook on the job. There are days when you will be working steadily with no hiccups and then there are days where everyone on your caseload has a crisis on the same day and time. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Just take a deep breath and tackle everything one at a time.

Internal Auditor in San Diego:
"I love living in SD."
Pros: It's a great place to be. Everyone is pretty friendly, the weather is usually pretty great, and there is always a lot to do nearby.
Cons: It's very expensive; food, gas, housing, etc. There is always a lot of traffic too as many people commute to and from here.

Internal Auditor in Kings Mountain:
Pros: Easy to commute back and forth to work.
Cons: Nothing bad.