Journeyman Carpenter Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Journeyman Carpenter?

Journeyman Carpenter in Boulder:
"Being Used."
Pros: the amount of time off you can accrue
Cons: not being used for your knowledge, you are hired for it but then they don't listen to your professional opinion

Journeyman Carpenter in Poughkeepsie:
Pros: my health benefits
Cons: how unorganized it is

Journeyman Carpenter in Kingsport:
"Stressful, unappreciated."
Pros: Working with my hands
Cons: Pay , worrying about tomorrow

Journeyman Carpenter in Cincinnati:
Pros: Everything you need is near by.
Cons: Prices for parking.

Journeyman Carpenter in St. Louis:
"Come work in st louis."
Pros: Accessability
Cons: Not enough work

Journeyman Carpenter in Seattle:
Pros: Busy work all the time, lots of construction right now.
Cons: Parking is very expensive about 25 dollars a day.