Landscape Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Landscape Designer?

Landscape Designer in Newport News:
Pros: The job itself
Cons: Lack of communication

Landscape Designer in Fort Collins:
"5 year Review."
Pros: Recreational opportunities and local travel to Denver/Boulder
Cons: Far from the mountains

Landscape Designer in Greenwich:
Pros: wide variety of properties to work on. Many job opportunities
Cons: Busy, stressful

Landscape Designer in Libertyville:
"Far from City Life."
Pros: I enjoy the food scene in Libertyville and my coworkers.
Cons: I least like how far away from the city (with little public transportation) Libertyville is.

Landscape Designer in Dubuque:
"Don't be used."
Get paid what your worth

Landscape Designer in Carlsbad:
"Courteous Carlsbad."
Pros: Relaxed atmosphere with beautiful views.
Cons: Less demographic diversity . Less culinary demographics.