Landscape Laborer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Landscape Laborer?

Landscape Laborer in Glenside:
"13 years and going no where."
Get another job...better yet, strive for a career.

Landscape Laborer in Jackson:
"Steady Work."
Pros: I know that there is always something to do all year long.
Cons: I do not like cold weather, but it only last a short time here in Mississippi.

Landscape Laborer in Clinton:
Pros: We do something different on a daily basis.
Cons: The heat during the summer months.

Landscape Laborer in Cincinnati:
"Easy going place, hard work but gratifying."
Pros: Working with others, working with your hands.
Cons: Hard work.

Landscape Laborer in St. Louis:
"It's A Job."
Pros: Good people, outside work, lots of girls to look at in the summer.
Cons: Sucks when it is hot outside. Having to work weekends when it rains for two days.

Landscape Laborer in Fort Collins:
Pros: Working outside, good guys, and staying in shape.
Cons: Can be hot and long hours, hard work, pay could be better.

Landscape Laborer in Indianapolis:
Pros: Working outside. Making a bad house look good.