Landscaper Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Landscaper?

Landscaper in Myrtle Beach:
Take care of your body. Hydrate and eat properly.

Landscaper in Glenwood Springs:
Pros: Its great. Good pay and great working conditions.
Cons: The winter time it gets cold and there are less hours to work.

Landscaper in Longwood:
"Cost too much!"
Pros: Quiet are of town. Commute isn't too far.
Cons: Cost of living is too high for income/debt ratio. Rent starts at approximately $900 and goes up.

Landscaper in Painesville:
"Hard work, little pay."
Pros: You get to work outside, which is good some days.
Cons: Your expected to make decisions sometimes, but other times you are criticized for making decisions. -the two bosses don't communicate well. -equipment in poor condition. -they don't always pay you for the hours you work (keep track) -work in the rain.

Landscaper in Kokomo:
"Dead end."
I have worked in this field for many years, thinking that one day they would realize that I was a valuable asset to their company. That day has yet to come. In the last three years, I have not received a raise and I have now made less this year than the year before. I have capped out. I have came to the dead end. I have nothing to show for it either. Plan for something better in the future.

Landscaper in Columbus:
Pros: I like being outdoors every day.
Cons: The pay and upper management. They treat people different.

Landscaper in 44706:
"All around landscaping, we do it a lot of different jobs."
Pros: The freedom of it, and the great people I meet and work with. And making great money to give back to people who really need it.
Cons: People who rip me off and don't pay me after I did my part. One sided people.