Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker?

Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker in Everett:
"Making The World A Beautiful Place To Live."
Pros: I enjoy making a garden, bed, lawn, or hard scape look beautiful. I like to be creative with my work and I enjoy the opportunity this job gives me to use my imagination.
Cons: The lack of communication about time deadlines, and the pay. I would enjoy a raise since I have years of experience and I know how to use every piece of equipment.

Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker in Williamsburg:
"Stress Level."
Pros: I like the environment and people I work with. A very open and friendly place to work.
Cons: The pay I receive in comparison to the amount of work I put in is not to my satisfaction. I do every task that is needed of me and then some. The gratitude is the reward unfortunately.

Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker in Inver Grove Heights:
"Changing Your Outdoor Experience."
Pros: I love changing peoples outdoor living space to a place were they enjoy spending time.
Cons: Getting caught in a rainstorm is not much fun.