Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication)?

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication):
Work environment is ok. The job I do is laid back not too strenuous. Been here almost 5 years now, it's a decent place to work, especially if you're in the right department. I happen to like my supervisor and th he department I work in.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in Mentor, Ohio:
"Working in Mentor Ohio."
Pros: I like working in mentor because it’s close to where I live and they have many food options for lunch.
Cons: I don’t like that there are so many other businesses in mentor traffic gets crazy.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in Beaver Dam:
"Team leader coordinator."
Pros: The ability to work with others, problem solving to find the best solution. See the plans come together that everybody.
Cons: The cost of living after you buy a house in this area.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in Mayville:
"I enjoy metal fabrication."
Pros: My favorite part of my job is providing for my family, doing something I love. Working with steel makes me happy.
Cons: Not everyone enjoys their job, so they complain. Metal can be dangerous, it's heavy and unforgiving. Awareness is key.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in Plattsburgh:
Sometimes you need to use a piece of material just big enough for your part, practice other times to use material like that so when you have 10. 1 inches for a 10 inch part you can squeeze that in and if machine has so you can do test run use that first when tight fit.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in Oklahoma City:
"Great Job."
Pros: Room for advancement. Learning valuable skills. Work as a team. Stay in shape.
Cons: Lots of heavy lifting. Multi tasking to the max! Stand 8 hours a day.

Laser Machine Operator (Metal Fabrication) in East Moline:
Check parts clean lenses center nozzles and check steel code and parameters product in document.