Lead Cook Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Lead Cook?

Lead Cook in Memphis:
"Pay scale."
I wish I knew there was no room for advancement and there was proper benefits. My job offers full time on paper but noone is allowed to get it. I signed up for one position and ended up working several without compensation.

Lead Cook in Fort Worth:
"Always prepair your self and your food from scratch."
Never give up on a customer. Remember that they pay for cuality not quantity.

Lead Cook in Washington:
"What I wish I knew."
When I first started out, I wish I knew the difference between how a kitchen worked on what was portrayed on TV than in real life.

Lead Cook in Charleston:
"Corporate franchise restauarunt."
Pros: When we're busy and the line has a good flow and we're cranking out food. I feel in control and unstoppable. I find peace in food preparation, its a calming activity for me.
Cons: I feel there is a gender inequality; I get treated different and paid less than the men. I am being overworked and am feeling burned out and depressed. I feel discouraged about any opportunity to move up. I don't like most of the people I work with. I feel like I am working hard to make rich people richer.

Lead Cook in New Hope:
"National School Lunch Program Waist of Time."
Pros: Being at my son's school and on his schedual. The school staff including teachers, maintenance staff etc. Also the opportunity I had to coach track & field and cross country. Getting to know the students my son attends school with.
Cons: Not enough time to do quality work. Extra paper work due to government 's School Lunch Program. Staff disgruntled due to hourly wages.

Lead Cook in Buckhead:
"Top cook."
Love what you do ever thing else will fall in place.