Legal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistant in Raritan:
Pros: The family like atmosphere and very nice working environment, no favoritism, casual, no conflict.
Cons: Boring.

Legal Assistant in Houston:
"Stressful job where you have to prepare all legal documents."
Pros: I work at my own pace.
Cons: It's stressful.

Legal Assistant in Atlanta:
Pros: Humor, pay, experience, friends with the attorneys.
Cons: High volume case load, clients, office conditions, coworkers.

Legal Assistant in Houston:
Pros: The laid back of the office. Lunches on the boss twice a month.
Cons: No communication. No team effort.

Legal Assistant in Sacramento:
"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my job!..."
Pros: I LOVE my job...but its mainly because I have AMAZING attorneys that I work for...and our office is great we are like a small tight knit family ...we work as a team and each of us has our own very important part we play in how each file is handled.
Cons: Ordering medical records and billing from certain hospitals in sacramento area ...grrrrr.

Legal Assistant in Providence:
Pros: Review claims from the clients and determine what is missing. Assign a value amount on the claim and negotate dollar amount with insurance companies.enter details in computer systems. Resolve issues between client and insurance. Arrive at agreement and close the case. Love coworkers, challenges, learning new information daily. Enjoy perks.
Cons: Angry and belligerent clients. Clients not being truthful. Too long hours. Can work 48 to 50 hours. Clients feeling entitled. Can be stressful.

Legal Assistant in Punta Gorda:
Pros: I enjoy drafting documents. Meeting deadlines can be stressful.
Cons: Irate clients.