Legal Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Legal Assistant?

Legal Assistant in Portland:
Always make sxe your client's name is spelled correctly. Never skip proofreading. It never fails, if you have a document with a bunch of typos, that document will be attached as an exhibit to everything you send out for years to come and the embarrassment never goes away. If your boss thinks they are helping you by typing something, make sure you proof it. If you get a big rush at the end of the day that just has to go out and three things come up that need to be changed, if at all possible, ask if it can go the next day. When you look at it the next morning, you will be so glad it did not go out the night before. It does not pay to rush through something and not proofread. Always take the time to proofread. Put yourself in the place of the client. Our clients pay a lot of money for legal services. We owe it to them to take the time needed to put out quality work.

Legal Assistant in Frisco:
"High stress level involved."
Be a fast learner and learn to manage your stress under pressure.

Legal Assistant in Cincinnati:
"Pretty Okay I guess."
Pros: I love working with the clients to make them feel as though they are important and respected. I love knowing the clients by name/case.
Cons: The boss is not the easiest person to work for, and I get a lot of pushback from other people (IE, medical providers, etc. When requesting clients' medical records).

Legal Assistant in City of Industry:
"Notes & Organization are the keys to stay on top of duties."
Stay organized. Take plenty of notes. Keep your cool under pressure. Keep up on all court updates and filing requirements. Review your attorney(s) calendar everyday. Update cases and index pleadings and discovery as often as possible. Do your own filing so that you will know what is going on in the case. Prepare your own documents, to know the exact date they were sent out. Remind your attorneys well in advance of upcoming deadlines. In a perfect world, you will receive the filing ahead of time and not on the date it's due. This will help your attorney and help you do your job better and in a timely manner.

Legal Assistant in New York:
"Step out of the box."
Be ready to work hard and use your analytic skills. There is plenty of critical thinking, for example in doing research, creation of documents and putting together projects. Think fast and know how to prioritize. Stress levels can get high but rising above that is needed for this position. Your employer will count on you and trust you to do your work independently, learn how to use your judgement and discern situations. Don't take anything personal, attorneys can be very demanding and under duress be very short when speaking. You have to roll with punches. Be an independent thinker, and one who initiates and generates creative ideas to enhance organizational and individual growth. Skills Needed: Possess strong working knowledge of Excel, Outlook, and Word. Excellent verbal skills and professional etiquette on phone calls and internally meeting and greeting clients at all levels. Excellent written skills. Possess good multi-tasking and organizational skills.

Legal Assistant in Lorain:
"Fast paced single man position."
Pros: Working alone, learning hands on, associating with clients,
Cons: None.

Legal Assistant in Inverness:
"Don't hesitate to ask questions."
Perform your job duties according to your boss's preference rather than your own. Boss doesn't mind interruptions to answer questions; if there's a doubt, ask!