Legal Secretary Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Legal Secretary in Chicago:
"Change careers."
There is no room for advancement.

Legal Secretary in Atlanta:
Learn as much as you can re: the courts and their filing requirements.

Legal Secretary in New London:
"Stressful and overworked."
You won't become rich doing it. Real estate practices fluctuate too much, so choose another form of legal work.

Legal Secretary in Chicago:
Make sure you can multi-task, always proofread your work and always be willing to assist others.

Legal Secretary in Jersey City:
"Requires great memory and good time managing."
Diary everything! Always be pleasant. Always ask for help if you needed.

Legal Secretary in Philadelphia:
The most important thing to do in this field is to be organized and follow up on everything.

Legal Secretary in Plaistow:
"That pay raises would end and more duties would be added."
Check, check and double check your work.