Librarian Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Librarian?

Librarian in New York, New York:
"Decent pay, but NYC is very expensive."
Pros: The diversity and the fact that there is never a dull moment.
Cons: It's crowded and the people are rude.

Upper management is terrible and untrustworthy. They care much more about image than about the community and the people we served. Individual departments are ok, but culture as a whole is awful the director is the main cause of this. Benefits are okay, but don’t expect to get paid anything near what you are worth unless you are friends with the upper echelon. Oh, and anytime they do give you a raise they pat themselves on the back because you obviously didn’t earn it. The employees that do stay here are dedicated to public service and basically saints. Loved my coworkers and what we did, hated the company.

Librarian in Shirley:
"Great Place to Work."
Pros: Helping people and problem solving.
Cons: Bureracracy.

Librarian in Kenosha:
"Location Location Location."
Location Matters. Don't stay where you are, but don't settle for somewhere you'll be unhappy.