Lifeguard Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Lifeguard?

Lifeguard in Thomasville:
"Don't work at the YMCA as a lifeguard."
Pros: Flexible Hours
Cons: Boring and low pay

Lifeguard in Tampa:
"Depends on your situation but the drama is rarely worth the pay."
Pros: Fantastic opportunity, especially in parks and rec. You get paid to keep yourself fit and healthy while developing life skills.
Cons: Management is awful. Supervisory staff is worse. Accountability only goes one way, downhill, and nobody has any say unless you're in the nepotism circle. Obvious discrimination all across the city.

Lifeguard in Evansville:
"Horrible job! Low pay, high stress, and unsafe."
Pros: Every once in a while after hours of 80% humidity I'd get to pace in freezing rain and many guests would leave.
Cons: Disregard for employee health. Often we have to pace in 100 degree weather for hours without any water, until our thighs bleed then we can get some Band-Aids and a gulp of water before resuming work.

Lifeguard in Southfield:
"Easy, but important."
Pros: I like that my job is somewhat relaxing at times, but I seem to always be kept busy.
Cons: It's too boring, it's hard to concentrate sometimes when you're bored. It also looks unprofessional.

Lifeguard in West Seneca:
Pros: Talking to people, not too busy.
Cons: Lonely, very slow at times, don't feel much job security.

Lifeguard in Evanston:
"Its people warching and I get to take care of the pool."
Pros: I get to help others and I also get to take care of the pool, I people watch and sometimes get to save lives.
Cons: My boss, he train I had to learn on my own.