Line Cook Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Line Cook in Gainesville:
Listen listen listen. Watch watch watch then do do do.

Line Cook in Lincoln:
Don't worry about ticket times. Take it all one order at a time.

Line Cook in Pueblo:
"That working side by side with owners would add different dy."
Watch, listen, and learn. Do not be afraid to mess up. Learn from mistakes.

Line Cook in Wyandotte:
"What to expect as a Line Cook."
Every kitchen is a different animal. When you start new somewhere as a Line Cook, you will work from the bottom up. It's best to be well rounded and embrace each station equally. It's fast paced and high stressed. Concentration, focus and teamwork is key. Many station progressions in most kitchens as a Line Cook work in this order over time: Fry Cook, Flat Top, Char Grill, Sauté, and Window.

Line Cook in State College:
"Tired of babbysitting college kids."
Be prepared to work/leave your phone in your car or preferably at home.

Line Cook in Chapel Hill:
"Know in Advance."
If you enjoy cooking, research your opportunities for advancement at your current job. Weigh any options that may exist versus going to a new place starting at those positions. The ceiling is very low at most kitchens, so hone the craft and look for opportunities inside and outside your current situation.

Line Cook in Highlandville:
"Government info."
I'm a school lunch lady. Be there for the kids .