Loan Officer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Loan Officer?

Loan Officer in Evansville:
"Stressful. Working in a call center."
Pros: Home.
Cons: Management, too high of expects.

Loan Officer in Kansas City:
"Wish I had done more research."
Understand the job requirements and research salary and benefits. Get something in writing stating that insurance is part of the deal before you agree to take the job. The job can be very stressful but is also rewarding when the loan is funded and a small business is able to grow and move to the next level. To excel at the job, one must be willing to be in continous training regarding rules, regulations, and industries.

Loan Officer in Idaho Falls:
"Loan processor."
Pros: Helping people save money.
Cons: Very stressful and too much multi tasking.

Loan Officer in Scottsbluff:
"No help, have to do all work."
Be prepared to work hard.

Loan Officer in Omaha:
"Financial life."
Pros: Helping people get loans to purchase new cars, consolidate debt etc.
Cons: Declining people for loans and how you get treated at times.

Loan Officer in Toledo:
Go with an employer that hire enough help.

Loan Officer in Lisbon:
"Industry knowledge and sales skills highly recommended."
You need substantial training on the industries you are working in. You will need to understand all credit underwriting procedures. Proper financial analysis is a must to safely apply credit. Also sales skills are very important and valuable.