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The average pay for a Logistics Coordinator with Problem Solving skills is $37,340 per year.

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MEDIAN $37,340

Job Description for Logistics Coordinator

A logistics coordinator may be in charge of overseeing a wide variety of events and projects. In some cases, they will oversee the patient care logistics in hospitals and the disposal of hazardous waste. Other times, the coordinator will be in charge of coordinating events for their company.


Logistics Coordinator Tasks

  • Coordinate and communicate with external parties to ensure acquisition and delivery of shipments.
  • Ensure shipping compliance with state, federal, and international regulations.
  • Investigate and recommend optimal shipping options and coordinate with vendors.
  • Develop positive relationships with freight and external logistics companies.
  • Lead weekly logistics status meetings to inform stakeholders.

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Logistics Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator in Woodinville:
Pros: Culture, work, coworkers, management.
Cons: Low career development, no reviews.

Logistics Coordinator in Portland:
"Alot of data entry."

Logistics Coordinator in Napa:
"How completely without focus and integrity these two are."

Logistics Coordinator in Des Plaines:
"Lots of Excel, Frustrations in store."
Be prepared to work with obstinate partner vendors. Most of the time, the relationship is good but some vendors will try your patience.

Logistics Coordinator in Fort Lauderdale:
"Stressed on schedule all the time."
Pros: The rush from the daily rutine.
Cons: How money changed the boss.

Logistics Coordinator in Los Angeles:
"Education Is The Currency Of The Future."
Keep pace with changes to all logistical systems and programs to ensure individual transition is fluid as well as current.

Logistics Coordinator in Oxford:
"Life After College."
Pros: The flexibility of our office environment to work from home when needed.
Cons: The disorganized nature of getting start up off the ground.

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Common Health Benefits

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Medical: 83%
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Dental: 83%
vision benefits
Vision: 50%
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