Logistics Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Manager?

Logistics Manager in Seattle:
Have proficient knowledge of the industry before you get involved.

Logistics Manager in Mineola:
"Coordinate, prioritize, lead, organize and care."
Prioritize, coordinate, quality over quantity (sometimes) and efficient. Organization is essential to success. As a logistics manager you have to manage people and their personalities sometimes as much as the product itself. You have to know when to push and when to coddle. Stressing team achievement over individual acclaim resonates with coworkers. Be a leader by showing the way and not by telling the way. Action speaks louder than words and allocation of duties makes all involved in the process feel a sense of importance and self-worth. If you have to speak to someone about their individual performance pull them aside and never verbally chastise an employee in front of a group. Think before you act while always keeping the next day in mind.

Logistics Manager in Prestonsburg:
Understand what effects inventory has on the entire business!!

Logistics Manager in Portland:
"Great, always something going on/new to learn."
Pros: Ordering and working with suppliers.

Logistics Manager in San Antonio:
"Provide freedom."
Pros: Working for the American people.
Cons: Stressful.

Logistics Manager in Naples:
"Be a leader."
Be a leader - build a strong team whose members are interchangeable and can do ALL the work. Be transparent and honest with your group. Understand the strengths and weakness of all members and yourself.

Logistics Manager in Miami:
"Impacting people."
The role of Logistics and Supply Chain is an ever changing and challenging environment. We must be prepare to listen to the people we serve and those that work around us in order to learn and lead correctly. There is a perfect balance to perform well: be customer focused and be cost effective. The best career I've ever had.