Logistics Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working in Seattle?

Logistics Manager in Seattle:
Pros: Great city with great culture. Bike friendly.
Cons: It rains a lot. Amazon. Microsoft. Rent is sky high.

Logistics Manager in Cumming:
"Every day is different."
Pros: Challenge.
Cons: Compensation.

Logistics Manager in Honolulu:
"Lack of communication."
Have patience and be a good listener to your employees. Never jump to conclusions. Always cover your butt.

Logistics Manager in Lakewood:
Be Adaptive to all situations and have a plan B backup plan if the first doesn't go through.

Logistics Manager in Hammond:
"Support others, keeping the project goal in mind."
Work each project with the goal in mind, some are cost savings initiatives, others service based growth. Everyone, each depart art has an agenda, find out what their priorities are so you can be of service to them.

Logistics Manager in Killeen:
"Flexibility and Adaptability."
Over 23 years in the Army I would say that just being flexible to change and adaptable to new surroundings as well as the changes that continue to evolve in todays military is pertinent. So many young people come into the military thinking they are going to change the way things have been over the course of time, and while time has brought change some things are tradition and regulation. The Army will not conform to you but you must conform to the military life and profession.

Logistics Manager in Riverside:
Not everything is going to be structured for you on how to operate. There are regulations and requirements to which you must adhere, but there is also a great deal of personal interpretation and decision making required. You have to want to learn and question every detail of everything you do. You also have to be able to think outside the box a little bit.