Logistics Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Logistics Specialist?

Logistics Specialist in Clarksville, Tennessee:
Pros: Job opportunities
Cons: Traffic and less family oriented places

Logistics Specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
Pros: Food and entertainment
Cons: It’s cold and dark in winter.

Logistics Specialist in Wyoming:
"Job Gratification."
Pros: Friendly people, great location.

Logistics Specialist in Detroit:
Pros: That its a high paid industrial location.
Cons: Cost of living is too high for condition of the city.

Logistics Specialist in Atlanta:
"Career path."
Lean all the responsibilities to successfully complete a fielding mission and the key components the customer will receive. How to obtain maintenance support and order and receive needed parts. Learn what forms are need to issue to the customer, as well as what forms are needed from the customer to receive the assigned equipment. How to complete the needed forms to remove property from a unit books for proper accountability. To excel one has to wait for those ahead to leave to move up.

Logistics Specialist in Troy:
"Emergency Department Work Culture."
Pros: I like collaborating with the lobotomy staff, the pharmacy staff, and the head nursing staff to deliver internal products at the right time to the right person.
Cons: It would be beneficial to the job if there were were better defined rules and If I could have a person(s) that I could supervise. The logistics specialists who work in the Emergency Room Department need more supervision and guidance at present.

Logistics Specialist in Virginia Beach:
"Stress overshadows Benefits."
Pros: Benefits.
Cons: The inherent stress and constant demands with low pay.