MDS Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a MDS Coordinator?

MDS Coordinator in Louisville, Kentucky:
"Highly stressful and very ignored."
Pros: The flexability with my schedule and talking to my favorite residents
Cons: Management ignoring the obvious behavior of the misbehaving staff

MDS Coordinator in Crawfordsville:
Pros: Small community.
Cons: Travel during winter.

MDS Coordinator in Belleair:
"Learn RAI!!"
Now the RAI and MDS inside and out, Join AANAC for support!! Demand to get paid what we are worth. We are the ones that bring in the money based on the MDS and keep the facility within guidelines to keep the facility legit with CMS and the world.

MDS Coordinator in Charleston:
"Not worth it."
Pros: The area is interesting and there is always something to do.
Cons: The traffic is horrendous. It truly takes forever to get to work and even longer to get home in the evening.

MDS Coordinator in Wrightsville:
Pros: Close to home. Friendly people.
Cons: Too small.

MDS Coordinator in Texarkana:
"Working in the twin city."
Pros: I have gained a lot of knowledge and met a lot of nice people.
Cons: The drive to and from texarkana.

MDS Coordinator in Evans:
"It is alot of details and you never stop learning."
Always consult your RAI manual and keep it updated frequently.