Machinist Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Machinist in Phoenix:
"You need to self manage , as well as multi manage."
Document everything you do throughout your entire career .

Machinist in Gaffney:
"3D modeling and programming."
Work around older machinist to learn valuable things.

Machinist in Willmar:
Don't be afraid to change jobs for more money.

Machinist in Rock Valley:
Pay attention and learn all you can at every opportunity.

Machinist in Winchester:
Take notes write everything down.

Machinist in Salem:
"Learn the basics."
Learn speeds and feeds on manual lathes and milling machines.

Machinist in Houston:
"How's the Pay?!"
Make sure you're getting paid what you deserve to get paid because you're helping them gain financial profit DAILY!!! The rich get richer while the poor gets the crumbs & scraps!