Machinist Set Up Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Machinist Set Up Operator?

Machinist Set Up Operator in Miami, Florida:
Pros: near my home
Cons: pay rate

Machinist Set Up Operator in Franklin:
"Take notes, ask questions."
Take notes, always!

Machinist Set Up Operator in Cincinnati:
Pros: I like the city because it's s mix and I get good vibes from the people I work with.

Machinist Set Up Operator in Indianapolis:
"I like playing music and gardening."
Pros: The city in general, is well laid out. The people are nice, and I like the fact that we have real four seasons weather.

Machinist Set Up Operator in Martinsville:
"Fast paced, hot."
Pros: The people work together.
Cons: The building is hot.

Machinist Set Up Operator in Kalamazoo:
"How to be a more efficient productive employee."
Be sure you comprehend your blueprints. You have complete knowledge in the proper usage of all precision measuring equipment knowledge of the machine(s) you will be setting up and operating. Knowledge of feed and speed of the tooling. Good troubleshooting skills. When in doubt ALWAYS seek assistance before operating machine to produce quality parts. Always be aware of all safety devices and their location. Work smarter not harder. Ask yourself this question, Would I buy the product I just produce. Always be accountable for you production. Take pride in your work.