Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner?

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in Johannesburg:
"Inseast pay sleep."
I must always remember that iam responsible for the position I accepted .2 I must us good language all times.3 I must communicate with my employer and resolve the issue if is possible 4 I must take pride of my job .5 I must be pleasant and have goo. D maners.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in Honolulu:
"If you are a business owner you can create a passive income."
Pros: You make the rules, call the shots, are your own boss. If you think outside the box, you can triple your income.
Cons: Your own bad habits hurt your income, work satisfaction, & overall productivity.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in Milwaukee:
"Do you keep employees or they come and go."
Follow instruction do your job acgood job.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in St. Paul:
Pros: I get to work independently without constant supervision.
Cons: I am limited to only weekend hours (which is the busiest time) and I am pretty sure I get paid less than the housekeeper who works during the week. More work and less pay. There is an additional charge for guests that make a mess in their room but that money made is not given to housekeeping. For example on two separate occasions there was vomit in the bed and breakfast. The B&B made an additional $146 in additional cleaning charges but I did not get a bonus/ share of the money- which is for the cleaning!! All and all it's not horrible and it's only a temporary position. If they were to ever ask me to come back or fill in again I would probably want to ask for a raise.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in Los Banos:
Pros: The people im meet. And the fellow employee. I like cleaning and making people feel welcome.
Cons: Im expected to clean 3 rooms an hour.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in Lombard:
"Hard work, gross."
Pros: Able to work alone.
Cons: Little pay.

Maid or Housekeeping Cleaner in LaCrosse:
Pros: I can work my own hours and come and go as needed.
Cons: No respect when you get it clean - money.