Maintenance Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Director?

Maintenance Director in Port Jervis:
"Added responsibility."
Good luck, ask lots of questions, get contract in writing.

Maintenance Director in Memphis:
Pros: The opportunity to learn more.
Cons: Over worked, under paid, building old, not properly financed.

Maintenance Director in Pompano Beach:
"Very demanding."
Pros: Making a difference in others lives toward the end of their lives.
Cons: Never getting more than 10 minutes to focus on the task at hand. Always being pulled in multiple directions at the same time.

Maintenance Director in Canal Fulton:
"Stressful! Only maintenance person at facilityv."
Pros: Fixing things.
Cons: The pay.

Maintenance Director in Hendersonville:
"Work flexibility, on call, manager."
Pros: Helping people and improving the environment of the community.
Cons: Pay.

Maintenance Director in Redding:
"A good experience and I am good at it."
Pros: The everyday it is something different.
Cons: Trying to fill someone's shoes that was salary.

Maintenance Director in Dalton:
"Level of expectations."
Ask for a high pay scale.