Maintenance Electrician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Electrician?

Maintenance Electrician in Boston:
"Very busy and sometimes stressful."
Pros: The men I work with
Cons: Money and parking

Maintenance Electrician in McDonough:
"A beautiful thing."
Pros: The Pittman shift pattern
Cons: market fluctuations

Maintenance Electrician in Wenatchee:
"So so."
Pros: family
Cons: job varity

Maintenance Electrician:
AAM has owned our plant for 2 years now. They have invested heavily in the plant and in the people. Atmosphere is good, and they bring clearly defined goals and a plan to make them reachable. On the down side it, takes a long time for innovation to trickle down and the support with implementation is sometimes haphazard.

Maintenance Electrician in Phoenix:
"Good working environment but the pay rate is unacceptable."
Cons: The extreme heat and The amount ofdifferent work schedule per day with my own vehicle at my own experience.

Maintenance Electrician in St. Paul:
"Those who will succeed need to have creativity."
It isn't all technical. You also need to have people skills and treat the areas you service as you would a customer.