Maintenance Manager Advice

Q: What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Maintenance Manager in Philadelphia:
"Always keep things in perspective."
Keep the big picture in mind in every task you do and every task you assign to your subordinates.

Maintenance Manager in Cortland:
"More office time than expected."
Take all supervisory training available.

Maintenance Manager in Waterford:
Find another job.

Maintenance Manager in Waukegan:
You only coordinate efforts not prioritize them.

Maintenance Manager in Mount Prospect:
Document everything you do, especially when you save the company money.

Maintenance Manager in Modesto:
"To negotiate for higher salary."
Learn as much as possible in your field broden your horizons. Renegotiate wages on annual bases. Keep up on average salaries for your job title. You will be surprised as to what you are told and what is really paid.

Maintenance Manager in Somerville:
"Make sure you are approriatly compensated."
Same as above. Do not commit to 24 hrs. On call as a salaried manager.