Maintenance Mechanic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Mechanic?

Maintenance Mechanic in Eden Prairie:
"Close to home."
Pros: Close to home. Less traffic and, varieties of different ethnicities.
Cons: The heats, I think pay scale is a little low.

Maintenance Mechanic in Houston:
"Overall not bad."
Pros: The travel and Geting to see the different parts of the city.
Cons: Some of the work is dangerous and hazardous to health and physically demanding on the body.

Maintenance Mechanic in Mifflintown:
"Questionable hiring."
Pros: Close to home , familiar area.
Cons: The Hispanic problem grows by the day.

Maintenance Mechanic in Houston:
"Cost of living."
Pros: Currently in new york and it is very expensive.
Cons: Some traffic.

Maintenance Mechanic in Parker:
"I love it because I get to work on things all day!"
Pros: Hands on work, and routine maintenance of the plant.
Cons: The pay scale and the on call policy.

Maintenance Mechanic in Fitzgerald:
"Hard work."
Get a desk job go to engineering school.

Maintenance Mechanic in Houston:
"That I wouldn't recieve a raise for 5 + years."
My advice for a new Maintenance Mechanic would be to learn how each of the machines you'll be responsible for servicing operate/function. The more knowledge and understanding you have about the machines the easier it is to narrowing down the problem and begin repairs. Fixing the problem(s) as quick as possible helps reduce machine(s) down time. Down time means that the company is losing money as long as that machine not running.