Maintenance Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Supervisor?

Maintenance Supervisor in Evart:
"Benefits and wage."
Negotiate a higher wage.

Maintenance Supervisor in Denver:
"Retail Management."
Pros: The ability to work on new projects everyday.
Cons: The stress level and unforeseen spikes in work loads. It can often be chaotic as multiple people are pulling you in different directions.

Maintenance Supervisor in Rittman:
"How much extra work would be required."
Make sure you ask about their maintenance management system and what other responsibilities you will be tasked with.

Maintenance Supervisor in Richmond:
"Overseeing all maintenance activities to make operational."
Pros: Mentoring, counseling, teaching.
Cons: Hours of operation.

Maintenance Supervisor in Wanaque:
"Job knowledge."
Get all the training you can handle for this position, As in any job such as mine, the more you know on how everything works the easier it is to repair. Get all the training you can to obtain your wastewater licenses.

Maintenance Supervisor in Kansas City:
"Its awesome but I dont feel I get paid enough."
Pros: Its close to home and I love working in a family enviroment where everyone sticks together.
Cons: The pay.

Maintenance Supervisor in Mt. Vernon:
"Know what your getting into."
Be sure you know what your getting hired for. What "extra responsibilities will be placed on you?